Brother PE770 or Singer Futura XL 400: What’s the best embroidery machine?

Are you searching for a good sewing and embroidery machine? Are you wondering which is better- The Brother PE770 or Singer Futura XL 400?

The Brother PE770 or Singer Futura XL-400 might fit the bill. They are both advanced sewing and embroidery devices are very intuitive to use. They both come with a USB drive which will enable you to keep countless embroidery styles, that you can make use of later. The Brother PE 770 features 136 integrated styles and the Futura XL 400 has 125 styles that one can begin using right from the word go.

Brother PE770 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This embroidery and sewing machine offers users an exact and crisp embroidering at 650 stitches a minute. You can use its big 5″ x 7″ embroidery surface to embroider blankets, pillows, t-shirts, and much more.

This device comes with an LCD screen, a touch- screen by the way, which one can employ to turn, position and view their chosen style. It likewise has on-screen detailed directions to help if you run into problems.

Bobbin setup is easy with this device . One simply drops a complete bobbin into it, threads it in the ideal direction, begin stitching. And at around $1,170, this device includes an embroidery scissor, embroidery style CD, cap hoop, 144 bobbin that have been pre-wound and a sock hoop.

Item Features

· 6 lettering typefaces

· Develop huge styles utilizing its big 5″ x 7″ embroidery surface.

· Import styles utilizing the item’s integrated USB port with no extra software application

· 136 integrated embroidery styles

· Includes a big embroidery plan valued at $1,170.

· Very quiet.

The Brother PE770’s user reviews have, for the most part been really favorable and this sewer and embroidery machine is presently ranked 4.6 of the 5 possible stars at the ecommerce site


The Singer Futura XL-400 Embroidery and sewing machine is simply futuristic in style. Loaded fantastic embroidery and sewing functions, this maker is on the bigger side of weighing twenty-three pounds is 22 X 9.5 X 13 inches. So whilst it is really stable and sturdy, one needs to have sufficient space for sewing.

Item Features.

· Has “SwiftSmart” system, which is an automated needle threader that makes threading your device and getting going extremely simple.

· Its drop and Sew system, enables you to pack or alter bobbins without using up excessive time.

· Has a detachable extendable table

· 6 LED lights to brighten your now larger sewing area.

· 10X6 inched big embroidery hoop

· It is makes a buzzing sound .

Mentioning embroidery, this device comes loaded with over 125 integrated embroidery styles with 5 various font styles, basic lettering along with thirty or so most sought-after pre-programmed stitches and 2 totally automated one action buttonholes.

For your benefit, the 30 stitches are shown on the face of the maker, so one can easily view exactly what the stitching will appear like prior to making the final selection.

Likewise, if one is in a rush the Futura XL 400 comes with a speed of 600 stitches per minute; which is slightly slower than the PE770. .

There’s likewise a programmed feature that pushes the stitching needle to right the height when needed and just like the PE 770, one can likewise install embroidery styles from their computer systems to this device through a USB cable.

Not just does one get all those fantastic functions when you purchase the Singer machine, one also gets a lot of add-ons consisting of: a 10X6 and 4X4 inches hoop for embroidery, 7 various feet, bobbins, thread spindle webs, scissors, USB cable, needles, bobbins, spindle caps, auxiliary pin for spooling, a spool felt, screwdriver and a joint ripper brush. All these add-ons can be kept in the detachable extendable table, so one has easy access to them.

At the end of it all, it no little wonder that singer Company has actually stayed in business for very long. Their prolonged record of producing high quality sewing makers is not in question and the Futura XL-400 is simply another feature in their cap. Sadly, reviewers gave it 3 stars out of the possible 5 on and one of the reasons is that it has no LCD screen.


So which one wins the Brother PE770 VS Singer Futura XL 400 sewing and embroidery machine duels. For all practical purposes, these machines are very similar. While Brother PE770 is yet to get a evaluation that ranks it less than 3/5 stars, the client feedback for the device is quite good, specifically r the reports advanced by customers who have actually finished their very first job extremely rapidly after getting it. In summation, that the PE770 is the better sewing and embroidery maker for novice or sophisticated users. The Futura XL 400 scores very highly on sophistication and most professional reviewers love it for that. The extendable table was also a favorite among reviewers but users found it rather noisy and lacking an LCD screen.